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IRS – Top News Releases

6/7/2023 IRS Statement on California Mailing of Balance Due Notices | Español
5/30/2023 IRS Reminds U.S. Taxpayers Living & Working Abroad to File Their 2022 Tax Return by June 15 | Español
5/16/2023 IRS Submits Direct File Report to Congress; Treasury Department Directs Pilot to Evaluate Key Issues | Español
5/2/2023 Florida Storm Victims Qualify for Tax Relief; April 18 deadline, Other Dates Extended to Aug. 15 | Español
4/24/2023 IRS Announces Tax Relief for Victims of Severe Storms, Straight-line Winds and Tornadoes in Oklahoma
4/14/2023 Indiana Storm Victims Qualify for Tax Relief; April 18 deadline, Other Dates Extended to July 31
4/12/2023 IRS Reminds Taxpayers of April Estimated Tax Payment Deadline | Español
4/12/2023 Here’s What Taxpayers Need to Know to Claim Clean Vehicle Tax Credits | Español
4/11/2023 Early Filers Who Reported Certain State Tax Refunds as Taxable Should Consider Filing Amended Returns
4/10/2023 IRS Announces Tennessee Storm Victims Qualify for Tax Relief; April 18 Deadline, Other Dates Extended to July 31
4/5/2023 IRS Wraps up 2023 Dirty Dozen List & Reminds Taxpayers and Tax Pros to be Wary of Scams and Schemes, Even After Tax Season | Español
4/3/2023 IRS Announces Arkansas Storm Victims Qualify for Tax Relief; April 18 Deadline, Other Dates Extended to July 31
3/28/20233 IRS Announces Mississippi Storm Victims Qualify for Tax Relief; April 18 Deadline, Other Dates Extended to July 31
3/24/2023 IRS Announces New York Storm Victims Qualify for Tax Relief; April 18 Deadline, Other Dates Extended to May 15 | Español
3/7/2023 IRS Issues Renewed Warning on Employee Retention Credit Claims | Español
3/3/2023 IRS Warns Taxpayers of New Filing Season Scams Involving Form W-2 Wages | Español
2/24/2023 IRS Announces Tax Deadline Extended to Oct. 16 for Disaster Area Taxpayers in California, Alabama and Georgia | Español
2/16/2023 Taxpayers Can Now Upload More Documents to IRS; New Online Option for 9 Notices Can Help Resolve Issues FasterEspañol
2/10/2023 IRS Issues Guidance – Taxability of State PaymentsEspañol
2/9/2023 New IRS Feature Allows Taxpayers Electronically Filing Amended Returns to Choose Direct Deposit to Speed Refunds | Español
2/3/2023 IRS Issues New Guidance and Updates FAQs Related to New, Previously Owned and Qualified Commercial Clean Vehicle Credits
1/24/2023 Updates to Questions on Digital Assets – TPs Should Continue to Report All Digital Asset Income | Español
12/23/2022 IRS Announces Delay for Implementation of $600 Reporting Threshold for Third-party Payment Platforms’ Forms 1099-K | Español
10/23/2022 2023 PTIN Renewal Period Underway for Tax Professionals | PTIN FAQs

IRS – Fact Sheets & FAQs

Updated! 3/22/2023 FAQs About Form 1099-K
Updated! FAQs – Filing a 1040-X Amended 1040 Tax Return | Español
2/16/2023 Fact Sheet 2023-05: IRS Expands Secure Digital Correspondence for Taxpayers | Español
2/4/2023 IRS Updates FAQs Related to New, Previously Owned & Qualified Commercial Clean Vehicle Credits
12/2022 FAQs – Energy Efficient Home Improvements & Residential Clean Energy Credits | Form 5695 Instructions
FAQs for Disaster Victims
FAQs About the Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN)

IRS – American Rescue Plan & Covid Tax Relief Resources

Links to all materials and guidance issued by the IRS regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) tax relief, Recovery Rebate Credit and Economic Impact Payments, organized by type for quick reference by the media and tax professionals: Coronavirus, Recovery Rebate Credit and Economic Impact Payments: Resources and Guidance | Español
FAQs Coronavirus Relief and Economic Impact Payments | Español

IRS Publications for Tax Pros ​​

IRS Circular 230 Regulations for Tax Professionals
IRS Publication 17
IRS Publication 1345 – Handbook for Authorized e-File Providers (Revised 11/2022)
IRS Publication 3112 – Applying and Participating in IRS e-File (Revised 10/2022)
IRS Publication 4557 – Safeguarding Taxpayer Data
IRS Publication 4567 – Paid Preparer Due Diligence
IRS Publication 4567 – Preparadores Remunerados
La Diligencia Debida

State Resources​

State Tax Websites
State Government Websites
State Tax Forms
State Requirements for Preparers Offering Bank Products

State News Releases on Return and/or Refund Processing Delays (for TY2022):

2/9/2023 Colorado
2/2/2023 Latest Update for North Carolina

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IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Information
About Where’s My Refund | Español
When to Expect Your Refund if You Claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit | Español
Where’s My Refund | Español
About Where’s My Amended ReturnEspañol
Where’s My Amended Return | Español
Should I File an Amended Return? – Interactive Tax Assistance Interview
Payment Options | Español
Create or View Taxpayer Account Information Online | Español
E-help Desk for Tax Professionals
e-Services Login Page
MeF (Modernized e-File) Status Page
e-News Subscription Services
Filing Season Statistics
Get An Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) | Español
Retrieve Your Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) | Español
Tax Relief in Disaster Situations | Español
Where to File Paper Tax Returns With or Without a Payment | Español

IRS Resources​

Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) Certification
Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC)
Credits & Deductions for IndividualsEspañol
Credits & Deductions for BusinessesEspañol
Check Your EFIN Status
Data Theft Information for Tax Professionals
NEW! Dirty Dozen – Annual List of Tax Scams Impacting Taxpayers and Preparers | Español
Disaster Relief Resource Center for Tax Professionals
Due Diligence Checklist
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) | Español
e-News for Tax Professionals
ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)Español
News / Newswire
Offer in CompromiseEspañol
PTIN Requirements; Status; Renewal
NEW! Here’s What Taxpayers Need to Know to Claim Clean Vehicle Tax Credits | Español
NEW! Home Energy Tax Credits
How to Maintain, Monitor and Protect Your EFIN
Prior Year Forms and Instructions
Quick Alerts
Social Media
Submit 3rd Party Authorization IRS Forms 2848 and 8821 Online
Tax Professional Associations
Tax Scam and Consumer AlertsEspañol
Tax Security 101 for Tax ProfessionalsEspañol
Tax Tips
Taxes-Security-Together Checklist
Taxpayer Notice CP2000Español
Transcript Services FAQs
Video Portal (IRS)
Webinars (IRS)

Industry News & Reports for Tax Pros​

NEW! 5/16/2023 IRS Report to Congress – IRS Run Direct e-File Tax Return System | IRS Cover Letter to Secretary of Treasury
4/6/2023 News Release – IRS Unveils Strategic Operating Plan; Ambitious Effort Details a Decade of Change | IRS Inflation Reduction Act Strategic Operating Plan – Following months of work, the IRS unveiled its Strategic Operating Plan, an ambitious effort to transform the tax agency and dramatically improve service to taxpayers and the nation during the next decade.
2/3/2023: IRS Progress Update for Fiscal Year 2022 – Report provides a strategic plan overview for various goals that include: Service, Enforcement, Workforce, Transformation and Looking to the Future Fiscal Year 2023
1/11/23: National Taxpayer Advocate Delivers 2022 Annual Report to Congress
7/20/22: IRS Strategic PlanEspañol – Agency issues 2022-2026 Five-year Plan with Goal to Help Taxpayers. The IRS Strategic Plan is a roadmap to guide IRS operations and to meet the changing needs and expectations of our nation’s taxpayers and tax professionals who serve them.
7/14/2022 GAO Management Report: IRS Should Test Video Conferencing with Paid Preparers
6/29/22: Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee Issues Annual Report to Congress
6/22/2022: National Taxpayer Advocate Issues Midyear Report to Congress
5/11/22: A Closure Look – Expanding Access – How IRS is Working to Serve Residents of Puerto Rico | Español